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NCR Silver proNCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition

Enjoy table mapping, offer happy hour specials and so much more. With the NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition app for iOS devices, restaurateurs have innovative and intuitive technology to turn the tables.

  • Serve your customers quicker.  As the restaurant app can mirror your table layout, servers can deliver orders faster.
  • Optimize your staffing efforts.  Know when your servers are “in the weeds” and see how long tickets have been holding.
  • Know your restaurant better.  See how many sales have been missed and minimize comps with advanced reporting.
  • Connect with customers.  NCR Silver Pro has loyalty and social media linking built in.
  • Integrate accounting & Payroll.  Quick Exports can be uploaded to your existing accounting package.

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NCR Silver pro

This App Belongs On Your Menu

With table mapping and other advanced functionality, your restaurant has the tools it needs to grow

  • Happy hours. With NCR Silver Pro Restaurant, you can set automatic, event-based discounts.
  • Split checks. Put the customer in charge with the ability to divvy up a bill.
  • Run tabs. You have great customers. Reward them with flexible payment options.
  • 24/7 support.  Get monthly menu maintenance and questions answered any hour of the day by a live agent.

Why Your Restaurant Will Love It

  • NCR Silver Pro does not take a percentage of your transactions.
  • You’ll get the award-winning Silver Concierge service.
  • You’ll also get 24/7 U.S.-based LIVE support.

Want more? Choose optional add-ons such as Silver Console.

In your corner is more than a century of NCR innovation.

From store to sidewalk, the NCR Silver mobile point-of-sale system can cost-effectively manage your entire business. Take payments on your iPad. Track sales, inventory and more from the cloud. Engage customers with integrated loyalty and email marketing. And, enjoy 24-7 U.S. based customer support.


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NCR Silver Pro