NCR Hardware

NCR Restaurant POS Terminals

Run your operations on NCR’s built-for-purpose POS hardware. Our hardware is designed to endure harsh and high transaction environments, so your business can keep running. We also offer a variety of peripherals, such as scanners, cash drawers and printers, to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for a single terminal or multiple terminals with customer facing displays, we’ve got you covered.  NCR Hardware is built to last.


NCR P1532 Terminal

NCR PSeries Terminals- The NCR PSeries two classes of terminals that offer non-stop reliability, low cost of ownership and maximum up-time.  Looking for an affordable option with standard features, the 15″ P1532 POS terminal will help balance between your business needs and cost constraints.  Learn More About the P1532 Terminal




NCR P1535 Terminal

For a full featured option, the 15″ P1535 has more speed, power, and options to fit your business with it’s Quad core processor and available 8GB of RAM.  The P1535 terminal is available with a built-in biometric scanner, mounted scanner, 10″ customer facing rear display, and a counterfeit bill UV light.  Learn More About the P1535 Terminal